Mental Health in Public Health Emergencies

These trainings review the mental health consequences of disasters, behavioral health preparedness, how to provide mental health crisis management during and after an emergency, and self-care for emergency responders. The first four courses are intended for public health professionals involved in behavioral health emergency planning for their community and/or agency. The last six courses are intended for healthcare providers and other professionals or volunteers who may be providing mental health care during or after a disaster.

Learners should note that the disaster mental health field is rapidly evolving, and additional materials should be consulted in order to find the latest best practices. For more resources on psychological first aid (PFA), see the University of Albany PERLC’s review of PFA trainings compiled in 2016.

Disaster Behavioral Health

Workforce Resiliency 1: Stressful Effects of disasters on Workers

Workforce Resiliency 2: Individual and Organizational Preparedness

Workforce Resiliency 3: During and After a Disaster

Responding to Disasters: Mental Health Crisis Management

Responding to a Crisis: Managing Emotions and Stress

Effects of Disasters on Mental Health for Children and Adolescents