Workforce Resiliency 3: During and After a disaster

Mental Health
Online Course
45 minutes
University of Washington
Northwest PERLC
Public Health Agency Management during Emergencies
Mental Health in Public Health Emergencies

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Stress infiltrates our lives every day and has effects beyond what we usually realize. The Workforce Resiliency series provides information about individual and organizational resiliency in the face of stress, emergencies, and disasters. In module 1, Stressful Effects of Disasters on Workers, learn how to define stress and the effects that stress has on your behavior, biology, and psychology in both day to day and disaster situations. Module 2, Individual and Organizational Preparedness, helps you to distinguish types of coping styles, incorporate strategies to increase organizational preparedness, and maintain your personal resiliency and well being to ensure that you and your organization will be ready to respond in the event of a disaster. The final module in the series, During and After a Disaster, details steps that you and your organization can take to maintain and restore resiliency during and after a disaster or emergency.

Learning Objectives: 
  • List goals that organizations can set to help them maintain and build resiliency
  • List actions that organizations can take to sustain and increase resiliency during and after a disaster
  • Identify potential problems that may occur during a disaster response and determine solutions that can help alleviate the stressors that can occur
  • List actions that individuals can take to increase and sustain resilience during and after a disaster
PHEP Capabilities: 
Responder Safety and Health