Assuring Cultural Competence

Vulnerable Populations
Online Course
1.5 hours
University of South Florida
University of South Florida PERLC

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Designed to prepare public health professionals to offer culturally competent disaster interventions to survivors, witnesses and responders of bioterrorism, major public health threats and disasters

Learning Objectives: 
  • Define cultural competence
  • Describe the role of cultural competence in public health workforce readiness and disaster response and recovery
  • Identify the rationale and role of cultural competence (including cultural, social, and behavioral factors) in delivering effective disaster interventions
  • Describe approaches, principles and strategies for developing cultural competency in assisting disaster survivors from cultural and diverse groups
  • Identify cultural barriers to offering disaster intervention services
  • Understand and appreciate the dynamic forces contributing to cultural diversity and their importance in delivering culturally competent disaster intervention services
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness