Staffing for Emergency Response and Recovery

Emergency Management
Online Course
2 hours
University of Alabama
South Central PERLC

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In recent years, attention and resources have focused on emergency preparedness plans, systems and training. Few would question that our workforce is better trained to handle disasters, but do we have the right people in response positions; those capable of handling the extreme stress and uncertainty of a major disaster? Additionally, are managers and supervisors ready to handle the overwhelming staffing complexities related to catastrophic events? This program will address these questions and provide lessons learned in human resources in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify staffing challenges that impact state health departments in disaster response and explain why and how disaster planning should be incorporated into the recruitment, selection and training of new staff.
  • Describe a few successful methods to overcome the most significant challenges encountered in staffing the response and recovery phases of Hurricane Katrina
  • List several activities that can be utilized prior to a disaster that will help to minimize staffing issues
PHEP Capabilities: 
Emergency Operations Coordination