Clinical Challenges in the Community Management of Patients with Special Needs in Disaster

Mass Care & Mass Fatality
Online Course
8 hours
University of Alabama
South Central PERLC
Emergency Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations
Mass Care

The evolution of modern medical competencies and expanded populations of increased vulnerability pose a significant challenge to today’s public health professional in providing shelter and support during times of disaster in both the urban and rural environment. This course will address some of the significant existing challenges and examine how the roles and responsibilities of responding/receiving personnel, triage and transport and the capabilities within communities can be enhanced through more extensive planning coupled with focused preparation. The application of lessons learned and the careful design of infrastructure, harvesting local experience on a global scale constitutes a critical resource for future problem solving and development in improving community response to disaster

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify and Analyze existing and emerging shortfalls in existing community medical capabilities
  • Explore available means of satisfying identified shortfalls to acceptable standards through modifications to individual roles/competencies, processes, transport and facilities
  • Examine opportunities for enhanced planning and process improvement through the effective harvesting of experience and implementation of community specific preparation and training
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Mass Care