Emergency Preparedness Leadership Series

Leadership & Management
Online Course
3.5 hours
University of Washington
Northwest PERLC
Public Health Agency Management during Emergencies
Introduction to Public Health Preparedness and Response

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This series will help you develop leadership skills for emergency preparedness and response. It includes a brief video giving an overview of emergency preparedness leadership, as well as courses on three key topics for leadership during times of crisis: managing change, making decisions, and communicating risks. You may take each of the courses individually and receive a certificate for each one. If you choose to complete all three courses, you can also receive a certificate for the series as a whole. Each course consists of 2–3 videos, followed by a short quiz. You must watch the videos and take the quiz in order to pass the course. To aid in your understanding, optional questions for reflection or discussion are also included with each course. You may discuss these questions in a forum with other course participants or with peers or colleagues, or you may reflect on them individually.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe why understanding yourself is a key factor to being an effective leader
  • Implement strategies for successful change management to build emergency response capacity in an organization
  • Apply principles of risk communication to help people access important information during a crisis
  • Create an effective decision-making plan to improve decisions made during emergencies
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Community Recovery
Emergency Operations Coordination