Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise

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University of Washington
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This tabletop exercise tests the adequacy of emergency response plans during all phases of a simulated pandemic influenza event at a university. The exercise involves a communicable disease outbreak that affects three campuses and is geared for administrators, unit leaders, and departments, as well as external agencies who will have to interact with a university during a pandemic.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify some of the participating organization's current strengths and gaps in relation to pandemic influenza plans
  • Promote interagency collaboration/coordination regarding emergency preparation and responsiveness
  • Identify the roles of a university officials, public officials, and staff in a large-scale communicable disease event
  • Identify university policies and communication networks needed to address a large-scale communicable disease event
  • Identify additional related training/learning needs
PHEP Capabilities: 
Information Sharing
Emergency Public Information and Warning
Community Preparedness
Emergency Operations Coordination