Duane Arnold Energy Center Radiological Emergency Worker - Basic

Responder Health & Safety
Online Course
1 hour
University of Iowa
Upper Midwest PERLC

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Basic Radiological Emergency Worker Training is an online course that covers six topics which includes both general and specific information an emergency worker needs in order to respond to a radiological incident. This training is intended for individuals who have an emergency response under county and state radiological plans. This includes a wide-range of personnel including, but not limited to bus drivers, school administrators, hospital and care facility workers, public works, police, fire, and ambulance personnel.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Recall Nuclear Plant Safety, such as defense in dept
  • Identify the emergency planning zone concept
  • Describe the protective actions to ensure public safety
  • State the four emergency classification levels
  • Explain your role as a radiological emergency worker and when you are notified
  • Recall the basics of radiation
  • Describe what is in the emergency worker kit and how to wear and use dosimetry
  • Explain the use of potassium iodide, such as who authorizes its use and when to take it
  • Identify exposure reporting limits and what to do
  • Recognize where to report to at the end of your shift
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Responder Safety and Health