Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness

Bioterrorism, Chemical & Radiation Emergencies
Online Course
1 hour
University of Iowa
Upper Midwest PERLC

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This course is intended to prepare individuals who, in the course of their everyday duties, are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release... (OSHA 1910.120(q) (6) (i)). The knowledge and skills stresses in this course are designed to prepare individuals to rapidly: recognize, avoid, isolate, and notify potential hazards.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Define terrorism and WMD, list the indicators of potential terrorist acts, and list potential terrorist targets
  • Describe selected chemicals agents and TIC terms, definitions, characteristics, and recognize the physiological signs and symptoms of exposure
  • Describe biological agents, the signs and symptoms of exposure, physical characteristics of biological agents, and advantages and disadvantages of using biological agents for terrorism
  • Describe the characteristics of radiation and radiological materials
  • identify the physiological signs and symptoms of exposure
  • identify radiation exposure devices, radiological dispersal devices, and nuclear weapons
  • Identify the characteristics of explosives, and the effects of a detonation explosive device
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness