Hazmat Awareness for First Responders

Online Course
1 hour
University of Iowa
Upper Midwest PERLC
Environmental Hazards
Responder Safety and Health

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The presence of hazardous materials in an Emergency Department is a risk to everyone - hospital personnel, patients and other people within the hospital. During HAZMAT incidents, hospital personnel should have two main goals: 1. to protect both themselves and others from exposure to the hazardous material, 2. to provide the same level of care for the contaminated patient as any other patient. This course, designed for health care workers in a hospital environment who may potentially have contact with a contaminated patient, is intended to help you respond to incidents involving hazardous materials in a way that meets these two goals.

Learning Objectives: 
  • List four locations HAZMAT incidents occur
  • Use the APIE process during a HAZMAT incident
  • Utilize the Emergency Response Guidebook during a HAZMAT incident
  • Recognize various containers that may contain hazardous materials and list the types of materials most likely contained in them
  • Recognize and interpret DOT labels and placards used to mark hazardous materials in transit
  • Recognize and interpret NFPA labels used to mark hazardous materials in fixed sites
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Community Recovery