Emergency Medical Services Operations and Planning for WMD Part 3

Bioterrorism, Chemical & Radiation Emergencies
Online Course
1 hour
University of Iowa
Upper Midwest PERLC
Medical Surge

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There are a total of nine modules in the Emergency Medical Services Operations and Planning for Weapons of Mass Destruction course. The course has been divided into three parts.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Define the proper level of protection for the type of contamination present
  • Establish protection zones and describe the function of each
  • Plan and conduct decontamination operations for responders and victims in a WMD event
  • Discuss hospital resources and requirements related to WMD and HazMat incidents
  • Explain ways EMS responders can effectively integrate with hospitals during WMD incidents
  • Explain how emergency medical responders interface with medical treatment facilities
  • Discuss the use and characteristics of conventional, nonconventional, and military chemical detection devices
  • Discuss the use of radiation detectors and biological weapons detectors
  • Discuss the rules for sampling unknowns
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Emergency Public Information and Warning
Responder Safety and Health
Community Recovery
Information Sharing
Emergency Operations Coordination