Basic Epidemiology

Epidemiology & Surveillance
Online Course
1 hour
University of Iowa
Upper Midwest PERLC

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This course is intended for public health practitioners who do not have significant knowledge or experience in the field of epidemiology. The course offers an opportunity to learn how an epidemiologist investigates the causes of disease, its distribution, how it spreads, and measures for control and prevention.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Discuss important terms and concepts for basic epidemiology practice
  • Describe the inter-related aspects of the infectious disease process and methods of breaking this chain of infection
  • Apply basic epidemiology in practice, using a case study of a food-borne outbreak as an example
  • Perform basic surveillance tasks in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Utilize your regional epidemiologist as a resource for outbreak investigations
PHEP Capabilities: 
Information Sharing
Emergency Public Information and Warning
Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation
Community Preparedness