Medical Countermeasures Readiness Series

Medical Countermeasures & Points of Dispensing
Online Course
1.5 hours
University of Arizona
Mountain West Preparedness and Emergency Learning Center
Medical Countermeasure Dispensing
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
Medical Materiel Management and Distribution

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The Medical Countermeasures Readiness Track consists of three modules that explain the public health response to an incident that requires mass prophylaxis. Topics covered include an in-depth review of the Strategic National Stockpile Program, the requirements for the implementation of Isolation and/or Quarantine, and the policies and procedures needed to run a Mass Dispensing campaign.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe the purpose of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Program
  • Identify the types of assets that can be deployed to support local, state, and tribal response efforts
  • List the steps needed to request SNS assets and identify the government officials, emergency management, and public health personnel responsible for requesting SNS assets during an all-hazard event
  • Become familiar with the different types of data needed to submit a request for SNS assets
  • Describe the planning process for developing and/or revising a state, county, or tribal SNS plan
  • Explain the major goal of a mass dispensing operation
  • Determine the number of Points of Dispensing (POD’s) required for a given population
  • Define POD throughput
  • List and describe the different mass prophylaxis dispersing methods
  • List at least three characteristics that render a community site ideal for a POD
  • Describe the types of preventative measures that can be taken to enhance safety and security at a POD
  • Describe the set-up and operation of a mass vaccination clinic or a POD
  • Define isolation and quarantine
  • List the diseases requiring quarantine under United States law
  • Describe the legal authority a public health department has with regard to isolation and quarantine
  • List the ten principles of community containment
  • Understand some of the key issues in writing an isolation and quarantine response plan
  • Describe ways public health can help to ensure effective community containment measures
  • Understand the public health role during isolation and quarantine
PHEP Capabilities: 
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
Responder Safety and Health
Medical Materiel Management and Distribution
Medical Countermeasure Dispensing