Dirty Bomb! After the Blast: A Public Health Simulation

Bioterrorism, Chemical & Radiation Emergencies
Online Course
1 hour
University of Minnesota
Simulations, Exercises and Effective Education PERLC

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This online simulation allows learners to apply concepts learned in the PHET online modules and is designed to be utilized after completing following modules: Decontamination, Mass Fatalities, Crisis Intervention during a Disaster, Personal Protective Equipment. 

This simulation is designed to be utilized after you have completed the associated Public Health Emergency Training (PHET) Online Modules (Decontamination, Mass Fatalities, PPE, and Crisis Intervention during Disaster) and will provide an opportunity to apply concepts you learned in these modules. If you have not participated in these modules or a similar training, you may wish to do so before participating in the simulation.

In the simulation, you are asked to complete three missions:

  1. Dirty Bomb Decontamination
  2. Mass Fatalities Operational Sites
  3. Community Assistance Center

It is preferable to complete the missions in order. However, you may choose to complete the missions in any order, or to do only the missions of interest to you.

This simulation is not intended to provide a thorough foundation in radiological preparedness and response. Dirty Bomb! After the Blast depicts an example of how some portions of the response to such a disaster might proceed. In your state or district, there may be other procedures, protocols, or terminologies that are advised. Visit the Resources for additional information about dirty bombs and radiation emergencies.

Learning Objectives: 

To use your public health emergency skills to make decisions on behalf of the responders during the emergency response.

PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Fatality Management
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
Responder Safety and Health