Logistics & Maintenance of the CHEMPACK Containers (Module 3)

Medical Countermeasures & Points of Dispensing
Online Course
35 minutes
Harvard University
Harvard School of Public Health PERLC
Medical Materiel Management and Distribution

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This course addresses the logistics and maintenance of the CHEMPACK containers, including: CHEMPACK host agency’s role and responsibilities; how CHEMPACK assets are maintained; and when and how CHEMPACK assets should be mobilized. This training was developed in collaboration with the CT Department of Public Health and the content reflects CT CHEMPACK plans. This module is targeted towards CHEMPACK Host Facilities Personnel (Connecticut Department of Health, Hospitals, Fire Departments) and other staff and volunteers who may be involved in a response effort. Learning objectives will help to build skills so that the public health worker can ‘contribute expertise to the development of emergency plans’ which is competency 3.2 under Plan and Improve Practice.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify a CHEMPACK host facility’s role and responsibilities
  • Describe how CHEMPACK assets are maintained 
  •  Summarize when and how CHEMPACK assets should be mobilized
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness
Medical Materiel Management and Distribution