Hospital Surge Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)

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The purpose of the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) Package is to provide central exercise facilitation team members a complete edition of the MSEL. This includes the summary listing as well as any detailed inject forms that will be delivered to players. Core control team members, may use this document to track exercise play, manage Simulation Cell (SimCell) functions, and maintain situational awareness for the Exercise Director. Evaluators may also reference individual pieces of the document through teamwork with facilitators.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Discuss the trigger points and relevant plans/policies/procedures related to the sequential transitions from normal operations to escalating hospital surge activities and evaluate the mechanisms used for internal and external information exchange for obtaining and maintaining situational awareness at the hospital, local, regional and state levels.
  • Demonstrate and discuss the relevant roles and responsibilities of internal staff and associated mechanisms for efficient integration of community partners during escalating hospital surge activities.
  • Evaluate the strategies available for hospital staff to optimize the caching and use of potentially scarce critical resources in accordance to existing plans/policies.
  • Explore the options for outpatient surge mitigation and discuss the efficient integration of nearby hospitals, primary care centers, long term care sites, community health centers and university health systems during a surge response in accordance to existing plans/policies.
  • Outline and discuss the strategies and mechanisms for efficiently requesting, receiving and utilizing scarce and/or critical resources in the context of surge mitigation activities. Discuss and identify the anticipated/envisioned roles of both DPH and emergency management agency in support of hospital surge coordination and operations continuity at both the regional and state levels.