Global Outbreak-A Public Health ICS Simulation

Incident Command System
Online Course
1 hour
University of Minnesota
Simulations, Exercises and Effective Education PERLC

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This online simulation was developed for public health professionals who have taken various Incident Command Systems (ICS) training and have been left wondering, “But what does this look like when the incident isn’t an explosion? What does it look like in a Health Department?” It draws on select concepts from FEMS’s ICS- 200 and ICS-300 training courses.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe the function of positions within the Incident Command System
  • Describe the Incident Briefing, Tactics Meeting, Planning Meeting, and Operational Period Briefing
  • Explain how the following ICS Forms are used: ICS 201, ICS 202, ICS 204, ICS 214, ICS 215, and ICS 215A
  • Discuss the tradeoffs between resources, time, and impact on others when making decisions in a DOC
  • Demonstrate increased situational awareness when serving in a Command or General Staff position during an actual response
  • Describe the process for developing an Incident Action Plan (IAP)
PHEP Capabilities: 
Emergency Operations Coordination