Hazmat Transportation Incidents: Using the Emergency Response Guidebook

Online Course
1 hour
University at Albany, SUNY
New York-New Jersey PERLC
Responder Safety and Health

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The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG 2012) is a tool for first responders to use during the initial phase of a transportation incident involving hazardous materials. It is intended for firefighters, police, and other emergency services personnel who may be the first to arrive at the scene of the incident. It is primarily designed to aid first responders in (1) quickly identifying the specific or generic classification of the material/materials involved in the incident and (2) protecting themselves and the general public during this initial response phase of the incident. By using the ERG, public health workers will become more aware of the hazardous materials being used in or transported through their communities. This should make them better able to prepare their local health department's response plan for an appropriate response. By becoming familiar with the ERG, public health professionals will also be more knowledgeable in talking to other first responders.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe the purpose of the Emergency
  • Response Guidebook (ERG)
  • Use the ERG to identify hazardous materials
  • Use the ERG to determine the potential hazards, public safety issues and emergency response steps for particular hazardous material
PHEP Capabilities: 
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
Responder Safety and Health