Nuclear Terrorism: Pathways and Prevention

Bioterrorism, Chemical & Radiation Emergencies
Online Course
3 hours
University at Albany, SUNY
New York-New Jersey PERLC

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The possibility that terrorists might acquire and use nuclear weapons is an urgent and potentially catastrophic challenge to global security. Nuclear weapons, the most powerful weapons of mass destruction (WMD), use the energy produced by reactions within and between atomic nuclei to generate tremendous explosive force, heat, radiation, and other harmful effects. You will learn about the threat of terrorism using nuclear explosives, and options for meeting this threat, in this self-directed course. The course provides relatively technical information about nuclear energy and nuclear terrorism, but it does not include detailed information about implications for public health professionals and hospital clinicians.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe the two processes that create nuclear reactions
  • Describe the three types of nuclear weapons
  • Name at least two ways terrorists could acquire or build nuclear weapons
  • Describe at least two reasons why terrorists would use nuclear weapons
  • Name at least two ways the world is responding to the threat of nuclear terrorism
PHEP Capabilities: 
Community Preparedness