Emergency Preparedness for Dentists

Public Health Preparedness Basics
Online Course
4 hours
Columbia University
Columbia Regional Learning Center

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This online course, designed for the practicing dental professional, uses industry best-practices and dental association recommendations to educate the dental practitioner about the preparation for and response to disasters and other public health emergencies. Topics include: Roles and responsibilities of the dental team, disaster preparedness and planning, emergency care of disaster patients, and more.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Discuss the principles of emergency management
  • Identify the pubic health roles of dentists in disaster and public health emergency response
  • Discuss the role of communication in emergencies and disasters
  • Identify the patterns of illness and injury associated with disasters and public health emergencies
  • Discuss the effects of chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive agents and materials
  • Discuss the principles of decontamination as it applies to the medical management of contaminated casualties
  • List the specific clinical skills needed for disaster medicine
  • Identify the clinical role dentists can play in disasters and public health emergencies
  • Identify social, moral, and ethical issues inherent in disaster response
  • Discuss the mental health implications and effects of disasters on patients
PHEP Capabilities: 
Medical Materiel Management and Distribution
Emergency Operations Coordination
Medical Surge
Medical Countermeasure Dispensing