Chemical Terrorism Laboratory Level 3 Training for Hospitals: Clinical Specimen Collection and Handling

Online Course
1.25 hours
Columbia University
Columbia Regional Learning Center
Public Health Laboratory Testing

This online course provides valuable information for hospital personnel responsible for collecting and handling clinical specimens in the event of a chemical terrorism incident. This is information that you need to know in order to comply with the protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe why Chemical Terrorism (CT) preparedness is important
  • Describe the agencies responsible for CT preparedness and response protocols in New York City
  • Describe the protocols for collecting blood and urine samples folloring a known or suspected CT event
  • Describe how to label, store, and secure blood and urine samples
  • Describe how to properly prepare blood and urine samples for pick up
  • Indicate how the hospital is to notify the NYC DOHMH Public Health Laboratory (PHL) that samples are ready for pick up
  • Describe how samples are transported from the hospital to the NYC DOHMH PHL
  • Explain how to document the Chain of Custody and Manifest forms for blood and urine samples
  • Describe the role of the NYC Poison Control Center in a CT incident
  • Describe the procedure for follow-up on the results of the lab testing
PHEP Capabilities: 
Emergency Operations Coordination
Public Health Laboratory Testing
Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation
Medical Materiel Management and Distribution